Flying High at Zero Altitude - An illustrated article from December, 1958 Popular Electronics about the new state-of-the-art DC-8 flight simulator.

Excerpt: Swift, new planes like the Douglas DC-8, the Boeing 707 and the Lockheed Electra will be “old hat” to airline pilots when they go into service.

A DC-8 simulator is as realistic as the actual airplane. It consists of a cockpit section, a scale model airport, a closed-circuit television system, and a computer system and servomechanisms to control the position of the cockpit section.

DC-8-21 Museum Display - In 2003, Scroggins Aviation was approached by the Oakland Museum of California to construct an interactive airliner fuselage section for an exhibit named "Next Stop Vietnam”.   Read the full story and see how the exhibit was built.

Posted: 11/08/07 

Own a fuselage section of a DC-8! - You can have your own fully restored  fuselage section of Eastern Airlines N8604!  Scoggins Aviation is looking for a museum or private collector interested in this interesting piece of DC-8 history.

Posted: 11/08/07 

DC-8 Skybus - The DC-8 that never made it past the drawing board! Read about this fascinating concept plane that was designed in the late 40's. Article reprinted from "Douglas Service" Magazine - Second Quarter 1984.
Posted: 12/18/04 

Super 70 Conversion - Some interesting photos and information about the conversion of the -61, -62 and -63 models.
Posted: 05/30/03 

Crazy 8'sThese aren't your run-of-the-mill DC-8's! Take a peek at some of the more unusual DC-8's, past and present.
Updated: 09/04 

Cockpit tour - This Java-based tour lets you click any item in the DC-8 cockpit to learn it's function. Have fun exploring!

360° panorama of a -70 series cockpit
Requires Apple QuickTime 3.0 or later.

Popular Science Magazine Fold-Out Cover
The April, 1959 issue of Popular Science featured a large, 5-page fold out "X-Ray View of America's Latest Jetliner

Posted: 03/13/03

Medium size image 1990 x 600 (230k)
Full size image 3094 x 932 (488k)

News Flash - The Douglas DC-8 Breaks the Sound Barrier!
Read all about this historic flight and see a souvenir that made the journey.
Posted: 4/8/02

Test Piloting the DC-8 - Flying - June, 1959

"Chief Project Engineer Ivar Shogran says the DC-8 will be a 20-year airplane... After long test experience with the plane, I feel It Is destined to go down in aviation commercial history as the memorable workhorse of the jet transport era."  
Posted: 12/01/01

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Douglas Bumper Sticker

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Nasa Dryden DC-8 Patch

The "Diesel 8"