DC-8-21 Museum Display Project
Oakland Museum of California
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Special thanks to Doug Scroggins of Scroggins Aviation for providing the photos and story.

In 2003, Scroggins Aviation of Nevada was approached by the Oakland Museum of California to construct an interactive airliner fuselage section for an exhibit named "Next Stop Vietnam”.

Scroggins used a scrapped DC-8-21 fuselage section that fit the time period required for the display. In the finished display, visitors are able to experience what air travel was like in the 1970's. Each seat is equipped with a hand set that allows participants to hear recorded information about the exhibit.

The aircraft used for the display was LN# 41; MSN 45425. Registered and delivered to Eastern Airlines as N8604 on 02/19/1960. The aircraft ended service with EAL on 9/7/73 when it was sold to Concare Aircraft Leasing. MSN 45425 was reported as retired in 1977.

The aircraft experienced brief notoriety on February 13, 1964 when it experienced an engine fire shortly after departing from San Juan, PR. The aircraft safely returned to San Juan with no injuries and no further damage (NTSB Brief).  

Creating The Display

Eastern Airlines DC-8-21 fuselage section sitting in the California desert. The cabin of N8604 bares the old 70's EAL interior.


Scroggins Aviation workers cut a four window section from the fuselage. This section was then cut into four smaller pieces so the display would fit through doorways and elevators. The floors for each section have been completely redone to support the seats and the passengers. Jim Scroggins Sr. works on the body and paint restoration.


Doug Scroggins paints the red strip down the side; interior nearly complete


Jim Scroggins Sr. inspects the sections before shipping them to Oakland, CA. Side view shows the three rows of seats and an ADA accessible area located up front. One of the single units measured up before shipping.

A Museum Quality Display


The completed DC-8-21 fuselage section is on display to the public in August of 2004 at the Oakland Museum of California.


Oakland Museum of CA and Scroggins Aviation would like to say
thank you to those that help in the restoration display:

George Ellison - J. Douglas Scroggins - Diane Curry
Jim Scroggins - Rufus Hearn - Paul McDonald
Rhonda Scroggins - Jeannette O'Sullivan
Robert DeMint - Aviation Warehouse - Mojave Airport